E-Readers in Ghana Increase Access to Books

Kindle_textOne of the main benefits of living a simpler lifestyle is the time it frees up for giving back in some way.

Readers of this blog will know I am passionate about books in general and e-readers in particular.  I believe the e-reader technology can be used both for personal enjoyment and for the greater good.

Which is a long lead-up to say that lately I have had the good fortune to do some pro bono freelancing for a wonderful organization called Worldreader.org.  Their goal is to help improve the lives of individuals and families in developing countries by giving greater access to books via e-reader technology.  They are currently running pilot studies at schools in Ghana to test the feasibility of using e-readers to increase access to books as a means of increasing literacy and, ultimately, well-being.

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Worldreader.org, which you can see here. But, more importantly, I hope you will take a minute to watch some of the short videos on the site.  The joy and excitement of the students with their Kindles is sure to brighten your day!

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2 Responses to E-Readers in Ghana Increase Access to Books

  1. Thank you, Christianna! The Worldreader team really appreciates it, and I'm sure the kids do, too.

  2. My pleasure, Zev! Thanks for stopping by 🙂