Eat Anti-angiogenic Foods to Prevent Cancer

As a dietitian, I love to share the latest scientific research with you so that you can make the best food choices possible.

In this TED talk, “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?” Dr. William Li discusses a new way to treat cancer and other diseases. It is called anti-angiogenesis. Anti-angiogenesis refers to preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. If the tumor is not fed by blood vessels, it cannot grow and spread.

One way of preventing angiogenesis and tumor growth is the use of anti-angiogenesis drugs. New anti-angiogenesis drugs, such as Avastin, have significantly prolonged the lives of patients with metastatic colon cancer.

But what I find most exciting is the role of nutrition and diet in anti-angiogenesis.

Dr. Dean Ornish states in The Huffington Post,

While biotech companies are beginning to rally around this idea, a growing body of research is showing that fruit and vegetables contain an arsenal of naturally occurring angiogenesis inhibitors. These include substances like ellagic acid (berries), resveratrol (grapes), curcumin (turmeric), ECGC (green tea), procyanidin (cocoa) and genistein (soybeans). Increasing the intake of these substances may prove to have antiangiogenic benefits, such as cancer prevention and weight reduction. Antiangiogenesis may be yet another reason why fruits and vegetables are so beneficial.

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only may anti-angiogenic foods prevent cancer. They may assist with weight reduction as well.

These are two excellent reasons to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Next: A list of the top anti-angiogenic, anti-cancer foods.

Your turn: What do you think of these findings? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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9 Responses to Eat Anti-angiogenic Foods to Prevent Cancer

  1. Christianna,
    This is a terrific article. I didn't know you were a dietician. I'm a huge health nut! I've been reading Prevention Magazine since it's inception.

    Believe it or not every morning I mix 1 tablespoon of organic non-alkalized cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric, 1 teaspoon of organic ginger, 1 teaspoon of organic cinnamon and couple of dashes of red pepper in with my coffee.

    Two years ago I had a physical and my C reactive protein count was 4. I had another blood test two months ago and it was down to .5. I attribute this to the turmeric because my arthritis is pretty much non-existent now.

    I also eat a Mediterranean diet – lots of vegetables sauteed in olive oil and fish or chicken or turkey. I guess science is proving my grandmother right – she always told me to eat my vegetables!

    Thank you for this great information.

  2. Angela, your morning beverage sounds awesome! It's just the kind of thing I would love to drink, well, except the coffee, which I am trying to cut down on. How does it taste?

    Congrats on easing your arthritis!!! Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Interestingly, a dash of black pepper improves the bio-availability of the turmeric.

    Let's hear it for the wisdom of our grandmothers! 🙂

  3. Christiana,
    I've been aware of the benefits of various foods to lower cholesterol in particular because that is my particular difficulty (seems to be hereditary, unfortunately).

    Weight loss has become a focus lately too for me although I have not been successful in that area.

    What do you think of Nina Planck's book “Real Food”?

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  5. Willow, anything with the words “Real Food” in the title grabs my attention. I have not read this book yet, but after reading your comment I went ahead and downloaded it to my Kindle. I see there is a chapter titled, “Chocolate: The Darker the Better.” Hmm, I think I'm going to like this book! Thank you for mentioning it.

  6. I 'won' the book from a friend's blog giveaway. I know that she and her family have completely changed how they eat and where/what they purchase mostly through the influence of Real Food. I'm currently reading it, slowly in my spare time.

  7. This is absolutely mind boggling. Just think that good tasty food can also protect against on of the most dreadful threats of modern life.

  8. Jack, it is mind boggling! And at the same time, so very simple 🙂

  9. Avatar Vhidelmoro
    Vhidelmoro says:

    very informative..indeed very educational and helpful information which should be continuously spread to help educate the people and prevent the spread of cancer.