Simple Pleasures: Pruning Fern Fronds

fern frondsIs it just me, or do others find something calming and meditative about pruning plants? I recently trimmed back the old growth on the ferns in our yard and found it oddly satisfying to clear away the old leaves and make way for the new, unfolding fronds.

It made me realize that much of what I do in any given day can be considered either a chore or a delight.

For example, vacuuming can be a source of calmness when I approach it with an attitude of mindfulness and appreciation. Putting away groceries can be an opportunity for gratitude and calm focus. Wiping down the kitchen counters with a geranium-scented spray can be an uplifting experience, when I allow myself to really be present.

I have come to realize that, in all of life, an activity is what it is; it is the attitude I bring to the activity that determines whether it will be a chore or a delight.

Your turn: what “chores” in your day actually help you feel more calm and centered? Which activities in your life have been transformed from a chore to a delight?

image: Fern Fronds. © 2010. Christianna Pierce. Click on image to enlarge.

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4 Responses to Simple Pleasures: Pruning Fern Fronds

  1. Gardening and recycling. I wonder if I'll ever get to the place where I enjoy washing dishes–probably not. 🙂

  2. Willow, gardening and recycling. Very nice!

  3. Avatar minimalistwoman
    minimalistwoman says:

    Funny you should mention pruning–I have much the same feeling about it. Just yesterday I had a chance to trim the shrubs in the front yard–one of them is a large rabbit topiary I have been patiently forming out of a Rosy Glow Barberry. I can't handle much sun or physical labor, but a little bit at a time is so soothing and such natural exercise. I like weeding, too. Housework, on the other hand… =;p But you are correct about one's attitude. If you are fully involved in whatever it is you are doing, it becomes a form of meditation as opposed to a chore. Today's mindfulness challenge: driving my aging car to pick up my aging parents to go to a repair guy my dad knows so we can maybe squeeze a few more years out of my Tin Lizzie (aka '99 Sable). So many other things I would rather do (more weeding! more writing!), but if I can make it meditative without driving off the road… 🙂

  4. Ahh, mindful driving, now that's a whole topic unto itself!

    Your rabbit topiary sounds amazing. I'd love to see a photo of it.