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Current diet of survey participants...I want to thank all of you who took my survey this week. I was thrilled by the response and now I have greater clarity about where to go with my soon-to-be-launched nutrition blog.

I thought you might like to see some of the highlights of the survey. As you can see from the first chart, about half of the survey respondents are eating a plant-based diet, and the other half are omnivores, some of whom do not eat meat on Mondays.

How participants would describe themselves...The second chart shows the respondents to be a savvy group who are very interested in cooking, nutrition and wellness. About 20% are interested in making incremental changes, or “baby steps” to improve their current diet.

The third chart shows a strong interest in learning more about decreasing intake of animal products and increasing intake of plants and raw foods.

I really appreciate your input and I will take these responses into account as I put the finishing touches on my new blog. I look forward to announcing the launch of my nutrition blog very soon.

Have a great weekend!

What survey participants want to know more about...

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One Response to Survey says…

  1. I missed the survey!

    I'm looking forward to all the nutritional information though.