The Black Dress Challenge

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1 black dress, 31 days, go!

I love a challenge and I love fashion. I also embrace minimalism.  And veganism. And philanthropy.  How, I thought, can I combine all these interests into one compelling project?

Inspiration came from one of our dear readers, Meg, of Minimalist Woman. She happened to mention that she will be participating in Courtney Carver’s inspired Project 333: to wear 33 items for 3 months.

Love it! But I wanted something even more focused, both in content and duration. After some contemplation, some assessment of my closet contents, and a flash of insight, Eureka!

The Black Dress Challenge was born.


I will wear the same little black (washable) dress every day for a month.

I will be donning a dress I bought a couple of years ago. It is a comfy-yet-stylish and is made of an easy-care cotton/lycra blend. I’ll accessorize with things I already own and will not buy any clothing or fashion items for the entire month.


October 1-31, 2010

I’ve chosen the month of October because it is a fairly temperate month in my part of the world, making the wearing of a dress somewhat more feasible. It is also book-ended by World Vegetarian Day (October 1) and World Vegan Day (November 1), which provide a nice framework for the vegan aspect.


  1. To simplify my life
  2. To express creativity
  3. To get over my camera-shyness (I’ll be posting daily pics on a designated, soon-to-be-announced blog)
  4. To embrace vegan fashion
  5. And to contribute to a good cause (by donating the money I would have spent on clothes for the month).


While I’m undertaking this as a personal challenge, I’d love to know if you would care to join me or participate in your own version of the Black Dress Challenge. Please let me know in the comments below.

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5 Responses to The Black Dress Challenge

  1. Thanks for the mention! I have two black dresses, one a dressy sleeveless knee-length sheath, the other a knit mid-calf length longsleeved polo shirt sort of thing. I wonder if I should at least include one of them in the Project 333? Wasn’t planning on it, but you’re putting ideas into my head!!! I know I could not wear either of them every day since I virtually live in jeans and that might be a seismic shift in lifestyle ;D

  2. Hi Meg,

    If the Project 333 challenge goes through the holiday season, it might be nice to have a “go-to” dress set aside for special occasions. The sleeveless sheath sounds perfect!

  3. Wow! This is my first time here, but what a great read! I’ve been blogging about sustainable fashion recently, as well as participating in the 100 Thing Challenge, but you guys have really taken this to a new level. Not sure I could cut down to just 33 things, but I have gone 90 days, as of today, without buying any new clothing! Good luck with your effort!

    If you are interested in taking a peek at my blog, here are the two entries on sustainable fashion. 🙂

  4. Dusti, congrats on going 90 days without buying any new clothing! It’s amazing how creative we can get when we have limitations, self-imposed or otherwise, on our purchases.

    Thanks for sharing the links to your blog. I just popped over for a visit. How nice to meet another Portlander!

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