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I recently came across the most beautiful collection of minimalist images depicting, of all things, game pieces.  Photographer Steve Johnson has created this collection as part of his new online minimalist photography store.

To be perfectly frank, I was not super-enthused when I saw the title of the collection.  Games? But then I clicked on the slide show, and I was completely mesmerized by the elegant simplicity and beauty of the black and white images of chess pieces and dominoes and dice and other game pieces.  It felt like the slide show should be put to a meditative soundtrack and viewed as a short film.  I’m not kidding!

Steve is actually running a special right now in which all three of his collections are available for a total of $5.  The photographs are perfect for bloggers or designers or anybody else looking for clean, minimalist images at a really reasonable price.

Here’s a link to the minimalist photography 101 site.   All of the collections are good, but I suggest you scroll down and pay special attention to the Games slide show.

Disclaimer: In case you are wondering, I am not affiliated with this offer in any way.  It was just something I enjoyed and I thought you might like to know about it, too.

image source: Steve Johnson

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4 Responses to Minimalist Photography Collection

  1. Hi Christianna,
    Thanks for the link. I love this type of photography. So beautiful!!

  2. Dandy, I’m so glad you liked this. I agree, this type of photography is so beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  3. Thanks Christianna – I am really pleased that you like them. To be honest this was a fairly quick project and I just started out with the three categories and no photographs and never actually thought about coming up with better names. A lesson for next time!

  4. Steve, the photos stand on their own merits, titles notwithstanding!

    BTW, I tend to favor quick projects because when inspiration strikes it has its own magical momentum.