Elegant Simple Rose

White Rose

Portland is officially known as the City of Roses. (It is also affectionately known as Stumptown, Bridgetown, Rip City, P-Town, and PDX).

Last week, my husband and I took a leisurely walk around our neighborhood and I was amazed to see roses still in full bloom. In November! I snapped a few pics and wanted to share one with you. So, here it is, with happy wishes to you for a terrific weekend!

What’s currently blooming in your neck of the woods?

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2 Responses to Elegant Simple Rose

  1. Portland is also known as my hometown! The roses are still blooming and my pink hibiscus is vying with the camelias for brightest flower of the week.

  2. Yay, a fellow Oregonian! 🙂 But mention of the pink hibiscus tells me you must currently be living in a different climate. Your flowers sound lovely!