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    I have gone through many color phases in my clothing choices.  In the late 80’s, I had my colors done.  After determining that I was an “autumn,” all of my clothes became shades of cocoa brown and deep rust and goldenrod and forest green.

    This was followed by the  jewel-tone phase in the 90s when my closet was filled with some variation of bright fuchsia, teal blue, emerald green and royal purple.

    Then came the black, white and taupe phase, in which I wore three simple colors (or non-colors) accented with gold and silver jewelry. I am actually coming back to this phase and find it very compatible with simplification of my life and my wardrobe.  (A post about this will follow).

    Meanwhile, I have had a love affair with color in our home, too.  There was the hot magenta wall at the end of the living room of our last home.  Accented by a deep coral-hued fireplace complete with eggplant mantle. I am not kidding(!)

    This photo depicts a very close representation of the magenta wall color:

    magenta wall
    Magenta Wall and Pink Tulips (click to enlarge)

    Our current home has pale, peach walls in the family/dining room. My office is light yellow (good for mental work) with white trim. And then there were the apple green walls in our entryway that I painted a few years ago in a burst of creative energy. As much as I loved the green hue when I painted them, suddenly, last week, I couldn’t stand them.  What was I thinking when I chose such a vivid color?

    green wall
    Before: Apple Green Wall with Test Paint
    white walls
    After: Refreshing White

    So, Saturday morning we grabbed our paintbrushes and went to work. Gone with the green, to be replaced by pure, simple white. Several hours and 1-1/2 gallons of paint later, we had a freshly painted white hallway and white stairwell.

    The transformation in the look and feel of the area is remarkable. When I look at the simple white walls, I feel a much greater sense of peace and tranquility. We are considering leaving the walls entirely free of artwork, at least for a while.

    Your turn: I’d love to hear about your painting successes (or disasters!) Please share your comment below.

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