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  • A Few Helpful Tips for Setting up Corel Painter 16 on Surface Pro 4

    With a few simple setting adjustments, the pressure-sensitive Surface Pen and Surface Pro 4 work very well with Corel Painter 2016.

    In the hope of saving you a bit of time and aggravation, I would like to share the settings I have found best suited to the Surface Pro 4 and Corel Painter 2016.

    Initially, you will need to pair your Surface Pen to you Surface Pro 4. If you did not do that when you set up your tablet initially, here is a link to help guide you: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/hardware-and-drivers/surface-pen-pro-4?os=windows-10#tryoutWin10

    After pairing your Surface Pen to your Surface Pro 4 tablet, you can adjust pressure sensitivity for your Surface Pen. Go to the blue box on the home page labeled “Surface.”

    Surface Button

    Select the pen icon in the sidebar, and use the Surface Pen to calibrate your pen to the tablet.
    Here is a link to help you further: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/apps-and-windows-store/surface-app?os=windows-10

    There is one final adjustment to make to the Surface Pro 4 tablet:

    Settings > System > Tablet mode
    “Make Windows more touch-friendly when using your device as a tablet”: Off

    Next, open Corel Painter 2016.

    Open a new file: File > New > OK

    Select:Edit > Preferences > Tablet

    Under Tablet Options, select the second radial button, “RTS-Compatible device.”

    Under Multi-touch options, select the first radial button, Corel Painter Multi-touch, but leave “Enable Multi-touch” UNCHECKED.

    Select OK.

    Very important: Restart Corel Painter for the changes to go into effect.

    After restarting Corel Painter:

    Edit > Preferences > Brush Tracking
    Draw a brushstroke in the Scratchpad with your Surface pen. Initially, leave unchecked the box “Apply to current brush variant.” This will apply your brush tracking to all brush variants. This can be changed at any time.

    Select OK.

    Open a new document, and you are ready to start drawing!

    (Disclaimer: I am returning to Microsoft technology after years of using Mac products. I offer my suggestions in the spirit of good will and sharing and any errors in this post are due to my self-taught trial and error. Constructive suggestions are welcome, but please remember to be kind! Thank you).


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