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  • 10 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself When Clearing Clutter

    Getting rid of unwanted clutter in one’s home can be a daunting process. To keep the process from feeling overwhelming, I have developed a list of 10 simple questions which I use to help me decide whether to keep or release an item. I hope you will find this list helpful, too:

    1. Do I love this item?
    2. Do I believe this item to be beautiful?
    3. Would I replace this item if it were lost or stolen?
    4. Would I pay extra to insure this item (or pay any money to insure it at all)?
    5. If I were moving to a much smaller living space, would I haul this item with me?
    6. Is this item in perfect working condition and, if not, am I willing to do what is necessary to fix it (in the next 7 days)?
    7. Does this item reflect my current interests/size/reality?
    8. Could I take a digital photo of this item and keep the photo instead of the item?
    9. Is storing/cleaning/caring for this item adding to the quality of my life?
    10. Do I feel energized and uplifted when I look at this item?

    So, what sorting questions do you ask yourself when you are in the midst of de-cluttering?

    pacific rock

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