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  • Happy May Day!

    4x4 watercolor and micron pen on 140-lb Arches cold-press ©2010 Christianna Pierce

    In many parts of the U.S., we celebrate May Day (May 1st) with small floral baskets surreptitiously left at doorways. The giver places the bouquet on the doorstep, rings the door bell, and runs away.lily of the valley This is one of my favorite traditions because, happily, I am usually the recipient of flowers left by our front door by my sons and/or husband. And I love it because the holiday is a simple celebration of the beauty of spring.

    I based my sketch, above, on the lilies-of-the-valley which bloom outside our front door at this time of year (which you can see in in the photo to the left).

    The French also have an appreciation of flowers on May Day. In France, May 1 is la fête du muguet; (the festival of the Lily of the Valley), a celebration of friendship, good luck and the arrival of spring.

    Below is a video clip of  Le Temps du Muguet as sung by legendary French actress and singer Danielle Darrieux – who was born, coincidentally, on May 1, 1917.

    Which is all a very long way to wish you, my dear readers, a very Happy May Day!

    Your turn: How do you celebrate May Day?

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