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    Raw Beet Ravioli

    I am very happy to announce that I am launching a new blog on June 30, 2010. It will focus on eating a plant-based diet for optimal health and well-being.

    I am excited about this new blog because it combines my love of plant-based nutrition with my desire to share information to help people feel better. It will have recipes, hints and tips for healthy eating, nutritional news you can use, and restaurant reviews, among many other things.

    Of course, it will have a look and feel that you recognize. I will take what I’ve learned from elegant simple life and incorporate it into the new blog. I have really enjoyed writing elegant simple life and realize that it is because of my efforts at simplification that I was able to uncover my heart-felt interest in writing about vegan and raw nutrition.

    The other great delight in writing elegant simple life has been getting to know and learn from you, my readers. And for this, I thank you.

    I hope you’ll consider taking a look at the new blog. Please save the date and check back here on the 30th for a link to the new site.

    Thank you!


    image: Raw Beet Ravioli (that I made!) © 2010. Christianna Pierce.