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  • One shell, three ways

    I have been dreaming of warm weather and tropical beaches. A friend gave me this shell from Mexico and it inspired me to experiment with different processing techniques. If I can’t be in a sunny place, at least I can focus on something that was! (And just in case it’s difficult to distinguish: it is a cross-section of a spiral-shaped shell, containing little rocks lodged within the curves).

    In the top image, I used a Lightroom 3 (LR3) preset called Warm Glow. Next, I added some contrast with a filter from Nik ColorEfex Pro called Pro Contrast. Finally, I added a frame action from the CoffeeShop blog. I like how the processing brought out the bright colors that were hiding in the image.

    In the following image, below, I used a LR3 preset called Color Creative – Cold Tone. I was pleased with the soft, dreamy quality it gave the photo.

    And, finally, I went for a sleeker, more minimalist look. In the photo, below, I applied a BW Creative – Look 1 preset in LR3 and then added a black/white filter from Nik Silver Efex Pro.

    I am not sure which I enjoy more: taking the picture or processing it. I lose all sense of time in both activities. There is something wonderful to be said for both.

    How about you? Which do you enjoy more? Taking photos or tweaking/processing them afterward?

  • Flame-colored Dahlias

    Sometimes elegant simplicity appears in the petals of a flower.

    Flame-colored Dahlia 5

    The flame-colored petals of this dahlia look hot to the touch.

    Flame-colored Dahlia

    Here is the flower from a further distance.

    BTW, this is my first entry in the Blogging from Bolivia Macro Friday Challenge. (I came across it on Rosie’s beautiful blog, who, happily was last week’s winner. Congratulations, Rosie!)

    Have a beautiful week, dear readers!

    images: © 2010. Christianna Pierce.